Bamboo Pipeline sells over 10,000 varieties of plants and trees. If it is available in California, we supply it, with the highest attention to quality and service the industry has to offer.
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Bamboo Pipeline allows your to order wholesale nursery plants & trees online

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Learn What Leading Environmental Landscape
Architects Are Saying About LandSense

“Of all the things we as landscape professionals create, the most fragile, ephemeral and often the most beautiful are the planted portions of our landscape projects. So it is critical that we share our experience of what works for the eco-sensitive needs of California with all of our colleagues, contractors, landscape professionals and clients.”

David Reed, ASLA, San Diego, California

“It’s invaluable to have resources like the LandSensesm plant palette when we’re choosing plants for our landscape designs. We strive to achieve beautiful gardens that use California’s and our clients’ resources sustainably; this objective is supported by a diverse list of readily-available, great-looking, lower-water-use plants—a list essential in our planning.”

David Thorne, ASLA, Oakland, California

“With a larger selection of climate appropriate and native plant material provided by nurseries today, along with the greater demand to reduce water use and increase sustainability, the LandSensesm plant palette is a great reference, not only for plant types, but also for confirming availability from a wide reach of nursery growers.”

Dirk Gaudet, ASLA, Los Angeles




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