Bamboo Pipeline sells over 10,000 varieties of plants and trees. If it is available in California, we supply it, with the highest attention to quality and service the industry has to offer.
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Bamboo Pipeline allows your to order wholesale nursery plants & trees online

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> Sample LandSense Plant Data Sheets
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Samples of LandSensesm Plants

How to Identify LandSensesm Plants From the Bamboo Pipeline Database

Finding eco-friendly LandSensesm plants has never been easier — just look for the icons shown below when you search our database.

LandSense Abbreviated   =  
Low-Water logo   =   Low Water Plant

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Bamboo Pipeline’s on-line ordering and estimating tools provide access to over 15,000 high quality, high resolution plant photographs across thousands of unique varieties. These “Plant Data Sheets” also provide additional information on each plant including:

  • Nomenclature & Description

  • Cultural Information

  • Plant Anatomy

  • Flower & Leaf Characteristics

  • Bark & Fruit Characteristics

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