Bamboo Pipeline sells over 10,000 varieties of plants and trees. If it is available in California, we supply it, with the highest attention to quality and service the industry has to offer.
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Bamboo Pipeline allows your to order wholesale nursery plants & trees online
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Help and Assistance With the Website

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If you do not already have a Username and Password, simply call our office and ask to speak to an Account Specialist. This Bamboo Pipeline sales representative will discuss the range of products and services we provide and help determine how we can best service your needs. You will be given a Username and Password based on your preferences so that you can access our on-line catalog and begin placing orders.

New Project

The New Project link of our website enables you to create a new project, assign it a name, and select items for your project from our on-line catalog. You can locate the New Project link on the vertical navigation bar on the left-side of your "My Account" webpage. You have the choice of saving the project information as an estimate for future use or submitting the information as an order to be delivered to your job site.


The estimates and orders for your account are stored within the "Projects" link located in the green horizontal navigation bar. This section of our website enables you to keep track of your projects ? whether they are estimates or current/past orders.

Estimates - This section lists all of your project estimates. By clicking on the Web Estimate # adjacent to the Project Name, you can view, update or print the estimate details. You can also select individual items or all of the items and create an order. If desired, you have the option to contact Bamboo Pipeline to re-price expired estimates.

Orders - This section lists project orders that are in process or have been shipped. By clicking on the Web Order # adjacent to the Project Name, you can view or print the order details.


The Catalog section of our website enables you to browse our on-line catalog or add specific items to your project. You can find items in our catalog two ways:

  • Keyword Search: Performs a search of the item description for a keyword that you enter. For example, if you wanted to find the ‘Edward Goucher’ variety of the Abelia x grandiflora plant, you could enter a keyword of "Goucher". All items with “Goucher” in the description will be displayed. You can enter all or part of the botanical and/or common name of that particular plant. The search results can then be sorted by item number, botanical name, or price by clicking the “sort” icon in the title header.

  • Item Drill Down: Allows you to locate an item by drilling down a product hierarchy of Item Category and Item Class. Once at the Item Class level, you can scroll through a listing of items, primarily sorted by botanical nomenclature, to find the item of choice.

Additional search tips are available in the “Search” section of the website – just click on "Search Tips".


The Favorites section of our website enables you to select items from the on-line catalog that you use most often and allows you to save them in a Favorites list. By creating a Favorites list, you can save time searching for items and entering quantities when creating future estimates and orders. To add to an existing Favorites list, start a new project, add items as desired, and then save this new list to the Favorites list you wish to append.

View List 

If you have a project ?in process?, there will be a View List icon in the lower left navigation window of the website. From any webpage, you may view your ?in process? list by clicking on this icon. By viewing your cart or active list, you can continue to add or edit your current estimate/order. There can only be one (1) estimate or order open at a given moment. An unsaved project must be saved as an estimate or deleted before a new order can be created.

Account Info 

The Account Info section of our website enables you to view your account information including your contact and website access info. If this information needs to be updated, please call (888-288-1619) or email the Bamboo Pipeline offices at

We Are Bamboo Pipeline

I am Martin, an Advanced Certified Nursery Professional and a Vice President with Bamboo Pipeline.

I lead a team of buyers that source the highest quality plant material in California and Southern Nevada for quality landscape projects. We offer the broadest and best selection of landscape materials delivered direct to the contractor’s jobsite.

My colleagues and I visit hundreds of growers across the West to deliver the best plants currently available - a concept we call “Market Best.” We supply more than 10,000 varieties of plants, trees and shrubs, frequently delivered within 24 hours of order.


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