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Evergreen Conifers – Year Round Color in a Range of Hues

Adaptable and hardy, evergreen conifers offer twelve months of color in a range of hues varying in shades of green, gold, blue, and silver. Sometimes the color is displayed as seasonal new growth or variegated foliage.

A Size and Shape for Every Landscape

Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula'

These beautifully hued evergreen specimens are available as trees or shrubs in diverse shapes. Choose from columnar, pyramidal, irregular, prostrate, mounding, pendulous, and globe shaped varieties. Several conifers can be pruned as hedges or formal topiaries. Dwarf species are useful in foundation plantings, rock gardens, and containers. They also make excellent hedges that provide both privacy and beauty. Larger specimens provide a dramatic backdrop and need plenty of room. Use these in the back of a large landscape so they can be seen in their entirety.

Pinus pinea (Italian Stone Pine)

Originally from the Mediterranean, this attractive large pine tree is successfully grown throughout the West. With an interesting umbrella shape, this tree is prized for its cones of edible nuts that are considered a delicacy. Suitable for Las Vegas and similar climates.

Cedrus deodara (Deodar Cedar) 

Among the most widely grown conifers in the West, this graceful and soft-textured cedar has a nodding tip that makes it recognizable on the skyline. The fastest growing of the cedars, it can be maintained as a spreading shrub with proper pruning. 'Pendula' (syn. 'Prostrata') is an extreme weeping form. 'Aurea' is similar to C. deodara but new needles are yellow that mature to a golden green color.

Pinus halepensis (Aleppo Pine)

A moderately fast growing conifer that thrives in desert heat, aridity, wind and poor soils. Initially pyramidal in shape, this tree changes its form as it matures with age into an open, irregular, rounded crown with ascending branches. Suitable for Las Vegas.

Cupressus arizonica glabra (Smooth Arizona Cypress) 

A hardy conifer, this cypress can be used as a windbreak or screen. The beautiful smooth mahogany-red bark contrasts nicely with the silvery-blue foliage. 'Blue Ice' has softer blue-gray foliage with a lacy appearance and is more versatile and smaller than C. a. glabra.

Pinus thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine)

Distinctive and picturesque, this evergreen has an open, irregular structure. Widely planted throughout California, use this tough pine in exposed situations where it develops its most picturesque form.

Sequoia sempervirens (Redwood)

Native to California and known as the tallest tree in the world this pyramidal shaped tree has soft foliage. Fire resistant and beautiful, the soft, thick fibrous and attractive reddish-brown bark is the reason for the Redwood's name. Can be planted as a hedge or in groves. Several cultivars available. 'Aptos Blue' is a fast growing tree with drooping, loose graceful, green-grayish branches. 'Soquel' has bluish-green foliage and is shorter and broader than others. 'Santa Cruz' has foliage that is softer and a lighter green. Branches descend slightly. Best along the coast.

Picea pungens (Colorado Blue Spruce)

This stately pyramidal tree serves as a bold focal point in the landscape, especially with the numerous silvery-blue, blue-green, or sky-blue foliaged cultivars. Drought tolerant, salt-spray tolerant, and cold-hardy. Best suited for colder climates.

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