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LandSense by Bamboo Pipeline

Low Water  •  Sustainable  •  Eco-Friendly  •  Aesthetic  •  Available

Choosing eco-friendly plants has just become easier thanks to LandSenseSM by Bamboo Pipeline. LandSenseSM plants have been selected because they require less water and appeal to the increasing need for sustainability, while still being aesthetically pleasing and readily available. LandSenseSM allows you to select from more than 400 plant varieties to help you create and build more eco-friendly designs. LandSenseSM plants have been selected by a panel of horticultural experts and from the UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars, people who understand the value of sustainable landscaping.

How to Identify LandSenseSM Plants From the Bamboo Pipeline Database

Finding eco-friendly LandSenseSM plants has never been easier — just look for the icons shown below when you search our database.

LandSense logo = 

 = Low Water Plant

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