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Plant Data Sheets

Bamboo Pipeline’s on-line ordering and estimating tools provide high quality, high resolution photographs for over 15,000 plants across more than 5,000 unique varieties.

These “Plant Data Sheets” also provide additional information on each plant including:

  • Nomenclature & Description
  • Cultural Information
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Flower & Leaf Characteristics
  • Bark & Fruit Characteristics

Select the example images below to see how valuable such rich information could be for your business. Among the ways our customers use these plant data sheets are to:

  • Research plants
  • Create estimates with plant photographs attached
  • Provide plant photographs to clients to assist in the selling process
  • Improve communication with clients during the project and to communicate any changes in plants used
  • Improve understanding of water, sun and soil requirements for each plant installed
  • Improve communication in the field by sharing plant data sheets with workers at project sites
  • Increase the professional presentation of each proposal or work status report




Now, you can also show Plant Data Sheets along with material lists directly to clients on-line, with or without showing prices and other internal information!

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