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Create your Plant List in Minutes

Directions for Creating a Plant List

A) Log into your Bamboo Pipeline online account.
Sign in screen

B) Search throughout the catalog of 15,000 plant items using either common or botanical names — using partial or full spellings, or browse through the catalog by category.
Search by attributes by selecting from the dropdowns.
website header with Search areas circled in red

C) View search results. Change the number of records to display by clicking the drop-down arrow.
NOTE: Choosing a large number may slow down the display depending on the speed of your connection.
Search results screen

D) Click on thumbnails or the plant name to view the view plant data and additional images.
Plant data sheet example

E) Limit results by selecting from the radio buttons or by selecting a plant category.
shopping options

F) Select the size, enter quantity and click "Add". Alternatively, click on "+Fav" to add the item to a Favorites List.
For items with a zero price, contact our sales team for current market pricing.
add to buttons

G) As your cart grows, so does your discount as shown on the Discount Meter.
Delete lines (click the red X) change quantities, or add notes for specific line items.
After all items have been added to the project list, click "Continue".
Discount Meter

H) Enter the jobsite address information and delivery date then click "Save".

I) View all projects by selecting the 'My Projects' link at the very top right of the Bamboo Pipeline website.

J) Here you can either make edits to your project; checkout and finalize your order; duplicate the project; and send the project to your client for review.
See Tutorial Step 2 for more instructions.
My projects listing

Save Product