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Why Bamboo Pipeline Should be Your Wholesale Plant and Tree Provider

We can help you become the next generation of landscape professionals.

You are in high demand. You are quality driven. You constantly seek ways to make your business operate more smoothly, more efficiently and more profitably.

You also spend too much time and encounter too many hassles simply trying to find the best plants and landscape materials to complete your jobs. Not to mention getting all those items out to the job site when you need them.

You also know that time is money. You know the true cost of materials goes far beyond the item’s unit price. You know the hidden costs of procurement are high and you want them to go away. 

Now You Have More Time.

You tell us these hidden costs of procurement can add up to as much as 25% of your time, plus they add little or no value to your business.

Want to get that 25% of your day back for productive activities? By working with Plants Express you’ll spend less time getting the job done and have more time to improve operations, reduce service calls, hire and manage your crews, communicate with customers, and sell more jobs.

With just one phone call, e-mail or website inquiry, you can completely fill your project material lists. We work with over 400 different growers to supply you with “Market Best” plants to complete all your jobs quickly, professionally and with the highest available quality.

You Now Have More Jobs

Purchasing your plants from Bamboo Pipeline lets you complete more jobs with the same number of employees. That's why a new generation of landscape professionals has turned to Bamboo Pipeline as the prime source for the most extensive selection of "Market Best" landscaping materials delivered direct to the job site.

You Now Have More Profits

Bamboo Pipeline's easy online wholesale plant ordering process and delivery allows you to focus on those activities that increase business, build your reputation, and ultimately price your services more effectively for profitability.

Put our experts to work for you while you focus on building your business.

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