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Fragrant Plants

The pure pleasure of a fragrant breeze is irresistible. Match that with beautiful blossoms and you've created an enchanting landscape. Closely tied to memory, fragrant plants draw visitors again and again to relive memories of happy occasions and romance. Place these beauties where their lovely fragrance will draw foot traffic along a path or entryway, greet visitors at the door, and entice visitors to linger in outdoor sitting areas and near windows. Luckily there are plenty of choices to keep your nose happy year round.
Gardenia Jasminoides 'Veitchii'

Spring/summer fragrance. From May to November find the glossy, emerald-green leaves of 'Veitchii' covered with intensely fragrant, velvety white flowers. This prolific bloomer is a favorite in the garden and also valued as a cut flower.

Lonicera hildebrandiana

Spring/summer fragrance. The Burmese Honeysuckle has sweetly fragrant 6 inch long flowers that start white and become yellow at maturity and finally orange. This is a quick-growing, evergreen vine that looks more like a sculptured tree as it ages. This fragrant vine is especially suited to entryways.

Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi' (Datura)

Summer/fall fragrance. Enormous dangling orange-yellow trumpet flowers drip from Angel's Trumpet Gold to fill the summer night air with a delicious fragrance. The dramatic display persists from late spring until autumn.

Rosa 'Double Delight'

Summer/fall fragrance. One of the best performing Hybrid Teas, the showy 'Double Delight' is striking in the garden for its raspberry-tipped creamy white petals and enticing spicy scent. Long, sturdy stems keep blooms looking their best in the garden or in a vase. Petals age to a rich red that lasts.

Jasminum polyanthum

Late winter/spring fragrance. The beloved Pink Jasmine is a true "star" with its abundance of fragrant star-shaped flowers that start as pink buds and open to brilliant white. This evergreen, fast-climbing vine fills the garden with its sweet redolent scent as early as February to happily chase away the gloom of winter.

Lavandula x intermedia 'Provence'

Summer fragrance. Breathe in and relax with lavender. Plant a swath of 'Provence' for a fragrant hedge or meadow-like effect. What sets this lavender apart are its tall 2 foot silver-gray spikes lined with purple blooms that start in July and continue into fall.

Daphne odora 'Marginata' ('Aureo-marginata')

Late winter/early spring fragrance. The lovely Winter Daphne puts on her show in late winter with nosegay clusters of pink buds that bloom to fragrant white flowers against a backdrop of variegated foliage. This evergreen shrub has a rounded form to about four feet tall and wide.

Heliotropium arborescens 'Black Beauty'

Summer fragrance. This Heliotrope has old-fashioned beauty with a twist. While the plant's deep purple flowers and vanilla scent capture the attention, the dark-colored leaves provide extra interest. Perfect for a butterfly garden.

Syringa Vulgaris 'Lavender Lady'

Spring fragrance. The legendary scent of lilac is a sure sign of spring. 'Lavender Lady' puts on a lavish springtime show of highly-fragrant lavender blooms produced without winter chilling! Fast grower to 12 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide.

Stephanotis floribunda (Marsdenia f.)

Late spring/summer fragrance. Madagascar Jasmine is prized for its lasting waxy white flowers and intense fragrance. This vine blooms heavily in June and through the summer. The blossoms are a favorite in bridal bouquets, corsages and decorations.

Osmanthus fragrans

Year-round fragrance. The heavenly scent of Sweet Olive is valued for its powerful apricot aroma from its deceptively small white flowers. This evergreen tree or shrub is legendary for romance in its native China. Osmanthus blooms heavily in spring and early summer and will continue to bloom sporadically throughout the year.

Michelia champaca 'Alba' (M. a.)

Year-round fragrance. The sweet strong fragrance of this tropical tree lasts all day and is especially strong at night. The scent exudes from both the flowers and leaves. It is the oil of this Michelia that is the essence of JOY, the world's most expensive perfume. The flowers bloom year round with pure white or yellow-orange petals.

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