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Three Easy Steps To Using GREENLINKS (SM)

GreenLinks allows landscape professionals to easily share with their customers an electronic document detailing selected trees and plants—including botanically precise descriptions matched with high-resolution photography. It also provides planting information for each plant in the project being proposed. You are provided the option to show your unit pricing, mark up the pricing, or show no pricing at all—your choice! With a couple of clicks, you can also incorporate your company logo on the quote and easily e-mail it to your customer for quicker decision making!

 Create Your Plant List in MinutesGreenlinks Step 2-3 image

  • Select the product name link to view plant data and images.
  • Over 15,000 items
  • Easy searching by botanical names, common names and plant categories.
  • Over 5,000 pages of plant information, over 15,000 high resolution photographs.
  • Save your list as a “Favorite” for future use.

Click Here To View Plant Datasheets

Click Here To View Step 1 of the Tutorial

 Email Plant List & Photos to Customer

  • Easily customized by inserting your own logo
  • Option to hide or Mark Up pricing
  • Personalize email delivery with your own message

Click Here To View Step 2 of the TutorialGreenlinks Step 2-3 image

 Your customer views plant list, you dramatically improve communication and convert more sales opportunities

  • Plant list easily communicated
  • Plant Estimate with tailored pricing for customer

Click Here To View Step 3 of the Tutorial

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